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Transport Canada–Approved Boater Safety Course for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.® is a delegated provider for Transport Canada.

Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card
Transport Canada

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Transport Canada

Pleasure Craft Operator Card accepted in all provinces

Accepted in all provinces!

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Canada Boating License

Summer is short.
Don't spend it looking for your PCOC.

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Did you know? By law, you are required to carry your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (or proof of competency) at all times when driving a powered watercraft. Have you lost your card? Replace it before heading out on the water – it's easy and convenient. Still have your card? Order extras and keep them handy for when you're ready to go boating.

To order a replacement card, or a set of three for extra savings and convenience, go to

Keep a Card...

  1. In your vehicle in case you visit someone else's cottage.
  2. In each of your boats.
  3. In your tackle box.
  4. For backup incase you lose your card.